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Melinda and her team of professional consultants handle all the necessary preparations for their patients, consulting with them even before they step foot into the doctor’s office. The Beauty Brokers Consulting team ensures that both clients and patients are well-informed about safe doctors and procedures, instilling confidence in the doctor and the procedure before the introduction takes place. Patients and doctors in the network consistently express high satisfaction with their results

An Important Note from The Beauty Broker

Bring this checklist to your consultation so you have the necessary questions to ask in order to choose the most suitable and qualified cosmetic enhancement provider.


Your doctor holds the appropriate ABMS board certification and is a member in good standing of key professional societies. Medical facilities are fully accredited and anesthesia is only administered by quality medical professionals

Your doctor has hospital privileges to perform the procedure you are having at a local accredited hospital. Even though your procedure may be performed at a fully accredited freestanding or office based surgical center, it is best to confirm that your doctor meets the standards to perform the same procedure at a local hospital.

Your doctor is forthright in listening to and addressing your concerns, questions, and goals. You are offered solutions that you understand but not additional, unrelated procedures. Your doctor and the support staff treat you with respect and dignity. They are clear, concise, organized and attentive.

Checking Records

We check on all records prior to signing a doctor into our exclusive network. We have checked with state medical boards that the doctor is licensed to practice in the state and there are no prior or pending actions against him or her. Lawsuits abound, but only real negligence can jeopardize the status of a doctor’s medical license.


Your doctor has performed the procedure you are considering many times in the recent past and has shared photographs of actual results achieved on recent patients.


You are given all of the information you need to make an informed choice, including informed consent documents to sign. Even if the treatment is one you have had in the past, each procedure requires your consent.


Your doctor requires a health screening or evaluation prior to treatment or surgery. Any physical or emotional health conditions you have should be addressed, specifically how these may influence your cosmetic enhancement choices.

Integrated Aesthetics Consultants can work with patients and doctors on fees. It is important not to come to us looking for offers or a special deal. In some cases we are able to get multiple press and media positions that feature the surgery and/or discuss a specific topic that is both educational and relays an important message of surgical safety. Each case and story is different.

Every patient receives a treatment plan with a fee breakdown of THESE THREE ITEMS: Defined cost of surgery, Operating Room and Anesthesia.

Area of Expertise
We are firm believers of “Jack of all Trades, Master of None”, therefore we select our doctors on a ‘per niche’ ideal. We choose to ONLY work with the masters. You need to know if your doctor only practices in the area of expertise directly related to his or her ABMS certification- this is very important. All Integrated Aesthetics Network Specialists are masters in his/her ONE specialty. A rigorous screening and interviewing process is performed prior to accepting a doctor into our network. Consistency of excellent results is what we strive to achieve. Our reputation is based on the final outcome as well. We hope to help make your selection experience a great one and above all, a safe one.

*Inside Tip- In some states, there is no mandate for a doctor to carry malpractice insurance. However, all hospitals require the physicians with privileges to carry insurance, which is why choosing a doctor with hospital privileges for the procedure you are having is imperative.

Melinda and her team are available for one on one consultations based upon a proper scheduled appointment. Please contact us with your topic of interest, age, location, email and best phone number for us to contact you.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Five Essential Topics to Discuss With Your Plastic Surgeon and Aesthetic Consultant

  1. What is your board certification and what professional societies are you a member of?
  2. Is the facility where I would have my procedure accredited? By which organization? At which hospital do you have staff privileges for the procedure you will perform on me?
  3. What procedure do you recommend to help me best achieve my goals? What exactly can I expect during the procedure and in my recovery and healing?
  4. Are there alternatives to the procedure you recommend and what are all the trade-offs?
  5. What is your most recent experience in performing the procedure you are recommending for me? May I see recent before and after photos of your patient’s results and can I speak to the most recent ones?

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