U.S. Top Plastic Surgery Consultant 2017 & 2018

Melinda A. Farina founded Integrated Aesthetics Consulting Inc. and Beauty Brokers Inc. in 2004. She is positioned and has been awarded by NYC premiere professional women’s affiliations, such as New York Women in Communications as a leading consultant, innovator, and entrepreneur in health and beauty across the US.  Melinda has been described as “a refreshing girl-boss with a no-nonsense, roll up her sleeves work ethic”

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Melinda A. Farina, founder of Integrated Aesthetics Consulting Inc. and Beauty Brokers Inc. in 2004, is a leading global consultant, innovator, and entrepreneur in the health and beauty industry. Recognized by prestigious NYC women’s affiliations like New York Women in Communications, Melinda has positioned herself as an expert in health and beauty across the US. Renowned industry leaders and national publications, such as Entrepreneur, Allure, Glamour, Coveteur, Elle and Industry magazines, describe her as a refreshing girl-boss with a no-nonsense work ethic. With 28 years of experience, licenses, and certifications in dentistry and practice management consulting, Melinda’s solid foundation and educational background make her a unique multi-faceted asset to the medical and dental aesthetics industries. She has trained with world-renowned surgeons and industry pioneers, applying her internal experience to her external business and aesthetic consultancy.
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“Melinda is a polished trainer. Her passion and enthusiasm are truly contagious. She’s a dynamic consultant and a master at empowering anyone who might be fortunate enough to work with her. Melinda’s integrity and ethics shine with her caring guidance.”

Jack Canfield, Founder and Co-Creator of New York Times

“I’ve worked with Melinda since 2004. I have the utmost respect of Melinda for her extensive knowledge of marketing, her refreshing creativity and sincere honesty…she’s the best.”

Dr. Larry Rosenthal, Aesthetic Dentistry

“Melinda gets me better press and media than most PR agencies- she sends quality patients and she knows the industry and is informed, which makes her find better press opportunities and help the patients understand WHY they should come to me.”

Robin Kaiden, Sports Dietician/Specialty Nutritionist

“Melinda? I did her rhinoplasty in 2004 -She sends me tons of patients- I really don’t know where she finds these noses, she’s been a great advocate and testimonial of my work!”

Dr. Sam Rizk, NYC Facial Plastic Surgeon

“Patients just like knowing that I am ‘Melinda approved’ it’s comforting for them.”

Dr. Lisa Zdinak, The Beauty Doc

“Melinda and her team work very hard. They are friends, they care, they have integrity and that’s why I work with them. I appreciate that.”

Ricardo Rojas, Celebrity Hair Stylist

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