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Congratulations! You have elected a procedure that is going to help you look and feel like the best version of you yet! In order to achieve optimal results, we want to provide your body with the precise tools for preparation and recovery. These “tools” are PROPER NUTRITION in the form of the healthiest foods and specific supplements. Proper nutrition is essential to fuel normal functioning of human anatomy, including beating of the heart and respiration of the lungs. Nutrient needs are altered when additional stress is placed on the body. (This can include growth spurts, exercise, injuries, sickness, and pregnancy/lactation.) Surgery (any invasive procedure) is particularly stressful as incisions are created, and the body must workhard to heal its wounds. The best pre-operative nutrition will help the immune system fight against infection and prevent and treat excess blood loss. Research has demonstrated that optimal recovery, including the best possible results seen in the shortest time period, is achieved when certain dietary and supplement regimens are followed. Specific nutrients are needed to repair skin, blood vessels, nerves, muscles/bones and to restore proper fluid balance. We will also focus on DIGESTION. We must ensure that all nutrients from food and supplements are properly assimilated into the body so they can go to work!


Each person and every procedure is different. We treat each INDIVIDUAL separately and will devise a plan that will work best for YOU. We provide all of the below services to take you from the day you schedule your procedure to recovery and beyond. You will look and feel amazing!


After you complete your Nutrition Assessment and Preferences Survey, we will provide you:

Grocery shopping list

Pre-op and Post-op weekly menu plans and recipes

List of supplement suggestions


On top of The Basics, we will have your groceries and supplements delivered straight to your door so everything is in place for before, during, and after the procedure. Whether it’s Amazon, Fresh Direct, Pea Pod, or us shopping in your supermarket for you, we take care of it all!


Going above an beyond getting the Direct Delivery, we will set up EVERYTHING for you, and work with any off your staff, family, care-takers so all or your Nutrition is in place. This includes, but is not limited to:

Meal Delivery

We work with top chefs and delivery services to get your anti-inflammatory meals and snacks right to your door.

Personal Chef Services

We can provide your current chef with the specifics required for your pre- and post-op diet OR we can supply a chef to you to cook for you. 

Supplement Schedule

We use organizational services to ensure your supplements are perfectly arranged for consumption in your pantry, fridge, pillboxes, to-go travel packs etc. 

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