Telling people the truth about their looks – then steering them to surgical and dermatological remedies – is her bread and butter. A friend described her to me as a beauty broker who matches discerning clientele with high-end cosmetologists. The result, my smitten friend said, is a network akin to “the Soho House of plastic surgery.” Her metier is getting clients in with surgeons who, she says, strictly nip and tuck A-listers

Alyssa Shelasky, NY Mag The Cut

Your one and only source for NYC’s BEST in medicine, aesthetics, health and beauty. Since you can’t always believe everything you read in the magazines or what we see and hear on the news. Premiere consultant and President of The Beauty Brokers gives us the inside scoop on Manhattan’s elite in the health and beauty industry and how to feel and look your best. “When people come to consult with me it is not for me to tell them what they need, as the article suggests…it is for me to educate them about the importance of finding a great doctor and make sure that the patient is fully aware and educated prior to receiving a medical service. People come to me looking for specified services. Many people feel Google is expert enough- and I feel many lives could have been saved and many botched surgeries could have been avoided had the patient actually met someone like me to educate them a bit.”

Aesthetics Tumblr Blog

Meet the fixer you can’t do without- if you’re a) rich, and b) fancy a nose job… The Beauty Brokers launched six years ago, and, powered by such enthusiasm, exhaustively social nature (“I’m social person; I talk about everything all the time. I’m always talking”) and contacts. it grew and grew. Now, “I have 226 doctors across the US. Not just cosmetic surgeons… I have OB/GYNs [obstetricians and gynaecologists], dermatologists, orthodontists, hair-transplant specialists, nutritionists, allergy specialists… My doctors are pre-approved. And they like that.” Pre-approved army of specialists are found through a lengthy process of interviewing and researching those who approached her, or who are recommended to her. “we do tons of background checks. We talk to their peers and their patients. I go to the office, sit with them, spend time with them. I look through their books, read their testimonials, talk to their staff. It comes down to… everything.”

Polly Vernon

Amanda Seyfried Makes Purple Lips Look Good and a “Beauty Broker” Profile Gets Ugly in Alluring Links. The Cut has profiled a “beauty consultant” who’s a kind of concierge/one-woman-referral-operation for plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, and so on. Half of this story is in the comments, though. Apparently, Farina and some of her fans don’t think she got a fair shake in the piece, and they are all kinds of saying so, plus responding to hater readers.

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