Our network ONLY accepts ONE niche specialist per specialty in each territory. We believe that every doctor and specialist cannot be great at everything, a Jack of all trades is a master of none. Doctors are thoroughly screened and interviewed before accepted into the membership network, each at the top of their game and leaders in the industry for that ONE specified niche.

Our track record of patient satisfaction is pristine to date. Integrated Aesthetics consultants pride themselves on delivering results to both the patient and the doctor. We are the trusted middle men and connectors for health, wellness, beauty professionals and the public. We are here to educate the patient on safe options, connect them with board certified specialists, open many doors of communication that can often times be lost in translation during a consultation and can aid in financial negotiations and finance options as well.

Our SERVICES for our DOCTORS include:


Upon initial evaluation of a practice our main objectives are as follows:

  • Developing a point of view about the future, and creating goals for practices, establishing a practice identity.
  • Identifying hidden talent in staff, and examining whether they create new opportunities or enable others, job description development.
  • Defining long and short term priorities, objectives, and action plans, yearly plans with quarterly objectives and evaluation of their efficacy.
  • Distribution development for brand name products.
  • Create a framework around which to organize the work, the people who execute it and the decision-making authority assigned to them.
  • Results Reporting Management Tools include monthly objectives to monitor the Plan vs. Actual Results and to re-mediate the Plan and address variances through the evaluation and management of results.
Package Services Include
  • Practice Management
  • Staffing
  • Overhead Analysis
  • Referral Networking (Outsourced and In-office)
  • PR/ Marketing in combination with Networking and Referral System Integration and Professional Network Expansion
  • Strategic Planning for Internal Marketing vs. External Marketing/Product Placement
  • Management Systems Integration
  • Customized Networking Events
  • Staff Training and Effectiveness Evaluations
  • Web Development, Optimization Packages in Conjunction with Top Level Professional Alliances and Personal You Tube Channel Development
  • Multiple Disciplinary Coordinated Treatment Planning with Integrated Aesthetics Professionals
  • Reducing Overall Fiscal Inefficiency of Your Practice

We can customize a package for you upon specification of needs and upon professional evaluation.
Packaged prices may range monthly according to hours and discipline of services.

EXCLUSIVE REFERRAL NETWORK - Exclusive Invite Only-Annual Membership Fee

Integrated Aesthetics Consulting Inc., offers a wide range of specialized services dedicated to multi-specialty healthcare professionals (one specialist chosen per niche- exclusivity to specified referral with no worries of overlap within the network) and high end skin care and beauty brands including: Exclusive Patient Referral Network, B2B Referral Networking Amongst Top Doctors and Beauty Brands, Strategic Marketing, Brand Positioning, Social Media Development and Counsel, Key Opinion Leader Management, Aesthetic Industry and Target Market Penetration, and Consumer Insights and Testimonial.

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