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Thanks @willsmith great reminder to take with us into the weekend - I only hang w/ the log throwers and the flame fanners! I’m quick to press the delete button if you are someone who is looking to bring me down. It’s important to not surround yourself with energy vampires, takers and/or opportunists. Good share. #inspirationalquotes #willsmith #beautybroker #elevateyourlife #elevateyourmind #elevateyourself

Two days of downtime to prepare for the next month of work travel…

Getting to Know You: Who is Melinda Farina? What is a Beauty Broker?

When I was in the third grade my teacher asked the class to draw a picture of what we wanted to be when we grew up and why. I drew a picture of a woman sitting over a dental chair cleaning a kids teeth. I wanted to be a dental hygienist. When all of the other kids in the class were drawing pictures of rockstars and superheroes and movie stars - I chose dental hygiene. Haha I’ve been determined from day one to be of aid to patients. Why? Because when I was a little girl I was petrified of the dentist and My hygienist Michelle was always so kind to me and she was pretty, so of course little girls are drawn to pretty adults. I wanted to be just like her. I wanted to know about what she did and where she went to school and she would talk to me about it during the entire appointment. When I was 14 I started working for a family dentist- literally worked from the front desk, filing charts and answering calls and confirming appointments, to the sterilization room and learning all of the instruments and what they were used for, to learning how to take and develop X-rays, to chairside assisting and then I went to hygiene school when I graduated High School 4 years later. I continued working for different dental specialists through college learning every specialty all of the terms all of the procedures all of the nationally known dentists and dental surgeons. After 7 years I took a job with a famous cosmetic dentist in NYC - Dr. Rosenthal. I was in complete awe- OF COURSE I had been idolizing this man for years! His office was the top of the top. I started involving myself with the big aesthetic dentistry continuums at NYU where dentists from all around the world would come and learn the “Rosenthal way” I would take some time and escape off to listen to practice management consultants like Kathy Jameson during these continuums. I became enthralled w/ consulting. I really loved the business of medicine but I also loved everything about aesthetics. I would study my patients and take inventory, from looking at their health histories every day, of what surgeries they had and who did them. It was so interesting for me to learn and see how each of these surgeons had a specific style and each was known more or less for a certain specialty. When I was 21 I had my own rhinoplasty and it changed the way I viewed plastic surgery. I started referring patients and friends to this office and people started reaching out to me for the best referrals. At 22 I started a side consultancy. It was practice management and patient referrals. Nobody took me too seriously but I truly loved doing it and I would work through my weekends. I went back to night school to further my degree. I somehow managed to work two jobs go to school and keep a bustling social life. Sleep wasn’t an option at that point in my life. At 24 I became incorporated Integrated Aesthetics Consulting Inc. I felt invincible - I left Larrys office and was pretty much “just making it by” for a few years. I finished a Masters. I signed up for weekly business management courses. I would hang w publicists to learn about marketing. I would go out every single night and make new friends and network and hand out business cards. I would meet with numerous plastic surgeons in NYC and observe surgeries, go to all of the trade shows. I wanted to learn more so during that time I kept running my business but took an office manager position w a well known Park Avenue plastic surgeon. When my company started to grow after 4 years I left and pursued my business full time. I was scared but confident. At 25 years old I already had 11 years in the industry. I ventured out to new states and met with surgeons throughout the US. I started networking myself with corporations to build business relationships outside of the industry as well. Major corporate moguls started seeking my aesthetic referral and consulting services and were flying me all over the US to meet with them in person. At 29 I started my second corporation which was a Top Doctors Membership Network. I grew it slow and steadily. I paid attention to what every talented doctor that I took a great liking to was doing. I’ve been monitoring dentists, doctors and surgeons for over 24 years now. I started my third international business last year. I work with hundreds of specialists spanning the US and Europe and I have been a business owner for 15 amazing years as of TODAY! I now am invited to speak on national news expert panels to discuss a variety of healthcare, entrepreneurial and beauty topics. Every day I learn at least 2-3 new things about my trade or about myself that makes me a better business woman and a good human being. I started mentoring young budding entrepreneurs in my free time. I think the journey is an important one and the millions of mistakes you make are so important to learn from. It’s important to NEVER STOP LEARNING, NEVER STOP GROWING BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY- NEVER EVER GIVE UP especially if it is your passion. It’s been quite a ride - here is to many many more beautiful years to come!

Lol @haileybaldwin we adore you! And she is correct folks. We constantly preach detoxing for beauty and this craziness (not so crazy) is one of the procedures we have our clients do.
Cupping Therapy externally manipulates the #digestive system and reproductive organs. It works the small and large #intestines, #stomach, #colon and reproductive organs.
I places a cup over the Gall Bladder and the Ileocecal valve and applies suction, creating a negative pressure. The therapist then uses another cup to slowly dredging and clearing the Descending Colon, Sigmoid Colon, Large Intestine, and Small Intestine. The treatment takes approximately 20 minutes and many clients find the process very relaxing.
Our therapists also incorporate Doterra Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oil blend called DigestZen (Ginger, Peppermint, Tarragon, Fennel, Caraway, Coriander, Anise)
Make sure to drink plenty of room-temperature water over the next several hours and expect multiple bowel movements over the next 24-72 hours.
#Cupping Therapy for the digestive system is a great way to stay regular as well as assist in #detoxification of the body. #staygorg #BeautyBroker #haileybaldwin

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